Agents: Bobby Miller

Bobby Miller
Bobby Miller
Six years ago I retired from the power generation industry after 34 years of service. A couple of years into my retirement my wife, Patti, talked me into getting my real estate license. She has been in real estate for 34 years and I have been around the real estate business this long as well. I have had my license for two years. We are an independent real estate company. Patti is the broker for our office. We own the company and are dedicated to making sure that we treat all races and genders FAIR, HONEST and ETHICAL.

It gives me great pleasure to end up with a happy buyer or a satisfied seller. It is very satisfying to work with a first time buyer to find a house that they will call home for their family or work with a seller to accomplish their need to sale their property.

We at RUSK COUNTY REALTY consider ourselves to be like a family. We have all known each other for several years. Our goal in the real estate business is to have happy or satisfied buyers, sellers, customers or clients.
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